Located in Medellín, Colombia, this restaurant led by Edgar Núñez and the colombian chef Juan Manuel Barrientos has a cuisine rooted in the traditional flavors of mexican houses.

The menu of this venue has as main ingredients those made of nixtamalized corn, basic for making tortillas, as well as the puristical use of other products that are only available in Mexico. Aguafresca is also a taqueria and mezcalería, and attempts to become a gastronomic embassy of Mexico in Colombia.

Aguafresca is the result of the work of the creative workshop of Elcielo organization, plus Edgar Núñez’s talent. Its interior design inspires love with a variety of colors and sensations: a mixture of wood, mud ornaments and the green of plants that look back on nature everywhere. The feeling is that of being in Mexican Caribbean; a tribute to the town of Tulum.